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Ziemann Holvrieka
Instek Control
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Nuts & bolts
Batch size: 19 litres
Method: All-grain
Target OG: 1.109
Target FG: 1.025
Target ABV: 10.6%
Target IBUs: 70

Mash ingredients
8kg SAB Pale Malt
500g Crystal 20
500g Crystal 60
250g Wheat Malt
150g Crystal 120
Mash for 75 minutes at 64.4°C. Fly sparge with 11 litres of water at 75.6°C.

Boil ingredients
75g SAB T90 Blend [12.4 %] @ 30 min
20g East Kent Goldings [14.4 %] @ 10 min
15g East Kent Goldings [14.4 %] @ 0 min 
Boil for 60 minutes.

Ferment ingredients
2 x 11.5g packets SafAle US-05, rehydrated 
Ferment at 18 – 20°C for 11 days.

Brewer tips
Check bubbling and gravity towards the end of fermentation. Leave on the yeast for at least two days after fermentation is complete. Gravity could drop as low as 1.013. If fermentation stalls, shake and raise temperature slightly.

After fermentation, bottle and age at cellar temperature for at least 28 days. Thes beers really become drinkable only after about three to six months. Don’t be scared if it tastes like paint stripper after fermentation.

Be careful, it carries a punch. Don’t drink and drive!