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Theo de Beer, founder of Hops Hollow and Anvil Ale House, has retired after nearly 20 years in the craft beer industry and another few decades of homebrewing. Introduced to the hobby by Moritz Kallmeyer, founder of Draymans Brewery, Theo opened Hops Hollow in 2000 with his wife Sarie.

The couple sold in 2008 but when plans to move to New Zealand fell through, they opened Anvil Ale House in Dullstroom. Uncle Theo, as he is lovingly known in the industry, has always been known for his meticulous approach to brewing, his excellent beers and to me at least, his direct manner of getting things done.

I always knew I was in trouble when he started a sentence with “look lassie…”. Theo’s beers won numerous awards both locally and internationally and I for one am very sad to see him step away from the kettles. Anvil is now under new management, although Theo’s right-hand man, Christo, is staying on at the brewery. Theo and Sarie will be enjoying their retirement in the Western Cape, but I have a feeling there might be a small homebrew rig in Theo’s future. Cheers Theo, thanks for all the excellent beers over the years.