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Cruizing KZN

Almost 2,000 kilometres directly west of the Namibian-Angolan border is an island called Saint Helena. As a British Overseas Territory, the roughly 4,400 individuals who inhabit the island are British citizens, however, it was the Portuguese who first set foot on its tropical shores at the very outset of the 16th Century...

Once all brewers aspired to create crystal-clear beers, free of haze or sediment. Wheat beers and Lambics aside, clarity was a sign of quality. A cloudy beer was considered contaminated, poorly brewed or kept, or simply a mistake...

Who doesn’t like spaghetti bolognese? It is a real comfort food and a food like this deserves to not only be paired with good Beer, but perhaps from time to time this beer might even find it’s way Into the food itself. Anél du Preez does just that.