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Nuts & bolts
Batch size: 20 litres
Method: All-grain
Target OG: 1.096
Target FG: 1.009
Target ABV: 12.4% 
Target IBUs: 42

39L soft mountain water, free from contaminates. 
6.5g gypsum
13g calcium chloride
3g Epsom salts

Mash ingredients
14kg Simpsons Golden Promise
750g Simpsons Premium English Caramalt
150g Weyermann Acidulated 

Whirlpool ingredients
50g Centennial
50g Cascade

Ferment ingredients
2 large pitches of Lager yeast.
Make a starter twice.

Brewer tips
There are a few key principles to brewing a successful barley wine: Lots of high quality malt, strong and healthy fermentation, good water, balanced flavour from hops and adequate and proper ageing. At heart it is a strong, malt forward beer, so high quality, flavourful malts are essential. How dark or light is up to you but above 8% ABV you will have significant malt flavour regardless. Old Cellar Barleywine is an intensely malty, rich beer. 
Golden Promise is a wonderful, full flavoured English pale ale malt, that delivers a lot of toasty, bready, pure malt flavour.