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Ziemann Holvrieka
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This beer is special to me is as it was the beer we had to brew for our fi first club competition. I ended up in second or third place. I have changed it slightly over the years and it is not a true SMASH (Single Malt and Single Hop) anymore, but close. I love brewing it because it is a simple recipe and is enjoyed by many of my friends. I have tried it with a few other hop varieties but always go back to Southern Passion.


Nuts & bolts Batch:

size: 22 litres
Target OG: 1.048
Target FG: 1.013
Target ABV: 4.5%
Target IBUs: 38

Mash ingredients:

4.25 kg Pale Malt
200 g Vienna Malt
145 g Acidulated Malt

Boil ingredients:

20 g Southern Passion @ 60 min
17 g Southern Passion @ 15 min
30 g Southern Passion @ 10 min