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Ziemann Holvrieka
Instek Control
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Nuts & bolts:

Batch size: 19 Litres

Target OG: 1.045

Target FG: 1.007 –1.011

Target IBUs: 25

Target ABV: 4.4 –4.9%


Mash ingredients:

1.6kg Pale malt

1.6kg Pilsner malt

800g Vienna malt


Boil ingredients:

25g Cascade [5.5% AA] @ 60 minutes

5g Irish Moss @ 15 minutes

28g Cascade [5.5% AA] @ 10 minutes



Use an English ale yeast such as Safale SO4.



Using the BIAB method, heat 28 litres of water to a strike temperature of 70°C for a final mash temperature of 67°C. Mash out at 74°C before

Starting the boil.

Prepare 3kgs of grapefruit (pulp only, not the skin) as per the steps above and add it to your fermenter once primary fermentation has been completed. Add an additional week or two for the fruit flavours to fully blend in with the beer. Also, add a teaspoon of pectin enzyme to the fruit pulp before adding to your fermenter if available. This will maximise juice and reduce the fruit haze which is common in styles of this kind. This beer is best served kegged, but if you bottle it, reduce the amount of sugar you would normally add for bottle fermentation. In this case, I’d recommend only adding around 45g of dextrose to the batch before bottling.