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MASH OUT We wanted to know a bit about your beer history so we asked our readers WENDY PIENAAR Co-founder of At Hops End and Beer Boot Camp, Johannesburg For me it was the Pickled Pig Porter from Nottingham Road. It was our only craft brewery in the Midlands at the time and it was a favourite romantic afternoon away for my hubby and I when we started dating. Turns out I fell in love with two things sitting at those cosy nooks by the fire! JOHAN AURIACOMBE Owner of Capital Craft, Pretoria It was 2001 and it was a Draymans Altstadt Weiss at Cactus Creek in Pretoria. It was the only different beer (non-lager) you could find back then and it was delicious! From there the rest was history… ANGELIQUE PUNT Operations Manager at Big Sip Co., Gaborone Mine was when I was a waitress at Bent River Brewing in Illinois. They had a beer called Jingle Java that only came out twice a year. It tastes like Christmas in your mouth! WYNAND MEIJER Owner, The Lazy Hunter Brewery, Pretoria For me it was the Chocolate Stout from Birkenhead. It was R50 in the liquor store for one, and maybe that is why I enjoyed it. All I remember is that I swore to myself I'd make a choc stout myself one day and today I can proudly say I have worked myself up to a pretty nice recipe! BRIAN LEOPOLD Store Manager, Radiokop Tops, Johannesburg It was at a party in Newtown in 2012. I had a homebrewed red ale for the first time and I instantly fell in love. I couldn't believe how I had wasted so many years only drinking lagers. I searched far and wide for craft after that but it was so scarce. Eventually I got into the liquor trade and made it my mission to go big on craft beer so I wouldn't have to search for it again. KAREN COLLINS Co-owner, Stellenbosch Brewing Co., Stellenbosch When I was in college in upstate New York I tried Magic Hat #9. It’s the first beer I remember actually enjoying, versus all the cheap skunky lagers we drank in college! TJ SOLOMONS Assistant brewer at Afro Caribbean Brewing Co., Cape Town For me it was Hopsession. I was working behind the bar at Banana Jam and I knew literally nothing about beer. I had always leaned towards Castle Lite, then I started tasting each beer on tap and when I tasted Hopsession I was like aaaahhhh. But it was ACBC’s Malva Pudding beer that got me into brewing. I couldn’t understand how you could get those flavours in a beer and I needed to know more. 58 | Spring 2020 | ontapmag.co.za