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OT: When and why did you start homebrewing? JC: On a random trip to the local hardware store back in 2012 I spotted a Coopers DIY Beer kit. As an economically challenged student, the thought of being able to brew beer at home blew my mind. It wasn’t until January 2015 that my friend Josh Bouwer introduced me to the idea of all grain brewing. While the “beer” brewed with those first few kits wasn’t great, it sparked an interest and fascination that continues through to today. OT: What’s the best beer you’ve ever made? JC: Not the best but the most memorable. My first all grain batch was a 6.5% IPA, provided by the local brewing shop (BeerBros). Brewed in my mom’s curry pot on the stove with my mate Josh, we had no idea what we were doing but it was the most fun. Surprisingly, the beer tasted amazing. OT: What is your biggest brewing disaster? JC: From open valves spilling wort, losing an entire keg due to a faulty connector and stuck sparges scorching my hands, I feel like I’ve done it all. My worst brewing disaster was probably the first time I tried to dry hop my beer. I had read somewhere that you could contain hops in a sock or stocking. With far too little research I grabbed one of my ‘freshest’ socks from the drawer and gave it a short boil to ‘sanitise’ it. I then filled it with hops and popped it into my fermenter. Needless to say, the batch was infected but I learnt a valuable lesson in cleaning and sanitisation that day. OT: Describe your system in a sentence. JC: I have an old-school 30L Grainfather with the Bluetooth conversion. OT: Do you have any brew day quirks or traditions? JC: I always have good music playing and aim to have fun even when things are going wrong; then once the wort is in the fermenter, I reward myself with a few good beers. Sometimes I trick friends to help clean with the allure of free beer. OT: What would be your ultimate clone? JC: Tripel Karmeliet or Saison Dupont. OT: What is your main homebrewing goal? JC: I aim to keep learning and experimenting as much as possible, and to share knowledge where I can. I would like to brew more often and to make consistently good beer which I can enjoy with friends and family. MEET A HOMEBREWER Justin Clark, Durban Club: DHB (Durban Home Brewers) I grabbed one of my ‘freshest’ socks from the drawer 54 | Autumn 2022 | ontapmag.co.za