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BELGISCH STOOFVLEES INGREDIENTS 2 white onions 1kg beef cut into equal pieces 500ml beer of choice 2 bay leaves 2 twigs of thyme 1 clove 2 teaspoons of ‘luikse stroop’ – any kind of apple or pear syrup (you can find it at Woolies or substitute with honey) 1 slice of brown bread 2 tbsp of mustard Dash of vinegar 1 parsley stem 1 generous cut of butter OPTIONAL SIDE DISHES: 4 pieces of chicory 2 tbsp of mayonnaise 1kg potatoes to make fries It can be put as a subhead under ingredients BEER MEETS FOOD As winter approaches, it’s time to wipe down the potjie and get cooking – and there’s no better liquid to add to the pot than a bottle of your favourite brew. Julie Brondeel shares her recipe for a rich and beery Belgian stew. Once the beer is boiling, add it to your potjie (never add cold beer to the stew as it makes the meat tough). Tie together the twigs of thyme, bay leaves and parsley. Add to your potjie. Add the clove and apple syrup. Spread a generous layer of mustard on a fresh slice of brown bread. Feel free to use two slices for a thicker sauce. Add the piece of bread on top of the meat with the mustard facing down. Keeping the potjie over a low fire, let it stew, lid off, until you’re happy with the thickness of the sauce. Once it’s at the right consistency, you can put the lid on and leave it to cook – it’ll take up to three hours depending on the tenderness of the meat – it should fall apart without using a knife. Stir in a dash of vinegar then add pepper and salt to your liking before removing from the heat. The chicory salad Take 4 pieces of chicory and thoroughly wash them. Cut them finely. Add 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise. Add a dash of vinegar, pepper and salt. You can also add mustard. If you’re feeling extra fancy add thin slices of green apple. The fries Cut your potatoes into fries. Don’t rinse them, or you’ll wash off the starch. Heat your fryer to 140°C. Add the fries and remove before they start to turn golden. Let the fries cool down on a paper towel in a bowl. Heat your fryer to 180°C. Now add the fries until golden and crispy. Put the fries in a bowl and add salt. Serve the stew with fries, salad and a pint of your favourite beer – something malt-forward goes well with the caramelised flavours from the potjie, such as an amber ale or a Belgian dubbel. METHOD The Potjie Peel the onions and roughly chop them. Heat up your potjie over a medium fire then add a tablespoon of butter. Once the butter melts, add the onions to the potjie, ensuring that they don’t brown. Meanwhile, heat a frying pan on the stovetop on medium to high heat and add a spoon of butter. Sear the meat until you have a golden-brown crust. Add pepper and salt. Pay attention to not add all the meat at once to avoid losing too much moisture. Add the meat to the potjie. Keep the grill pan going with the remaining oil from the meat and add your beer to the pan. Stir well until the beer begins to boil. 44 | Autumn 2022 | ontapmag.co.za