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BREW SHACKLETON AND STUMPNOSE LAUNCH LOYALTY SCHEMES TOLOKAZI LAUNCHES SORGHUM PILSNER IN THE UK Shackleton Brewing Company in Cape Town and Stumpnose Brewery in Kloof, near Durban, have both launched loyalty schemes. The Shackles Loyalty Club is focused on online shopping, with fans earning Shackles by shopping, reviewing the beers and by referring friends. Stumpnose has a loyalty card for in-house purchases – for every pint or house gin you buy, you get a stamp. Once you’ve bought nine, you turn in the card and get the 10th beer or gin for free. Other local breweries with loyalty schemed include Aegir Project, At Hops End, Jack Black and Tolokazi. South African beer brand Tolokazi recently debuted in the UK with their Sorghum Pilsner. The beer is being sold through Beer52, an online beer club that sources beers from around the world and curates mixed cases for its members. “I met Beer52’s co- founder James Brown on LinkedIn and he had been following the Tolokazi story – the closure of the brewery and such,” says Tolokazi’s founder, Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela. “He reached out and asked if I would be open to them including one of our beers in one of their mixed cases.” With the cost of shipping beers from South Africa prohibitively high, a plan was made to brew the pilsner in Europe. “They found a brewery in Croatia and we worked on a recipe together,” saysApiwe. “We struggled because of course it uses sorghum and also South African hops. In the end we sourced local sorghum malt and agreed on substitute hops.” The beer was released in January and has received positive review on Untappd, although Apiwe herself is yet to taste theEuropean versionof her beer. “I’m impatiently waiting for samples!” she says. The beer was planned as a once-off, but Apiwe is now in talks topotentially repeat the brew. It has also opened up Tolokazi to a whole new audience. “We are also in talks with some guys in the States about maybe doing something there,” Apiwe says. “What I want to do is to look at expanding the brand in other countries while of course still keeping it going here.” 16 | Autumn 2022 | ontapmag.co.za