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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 350lt S/S 304 Mash tun & kettle with electrical steam heating jacket, HMI & PLC heat control Delta 4.3” HMI with door mount bracket to control mash tun & kettle steam heated jacket temperature 350lt S/S 304 Lauter tun with a removeable slotted false bottom plate & a side mounted door Fix speed rake mixer @ ±12rpm 0.55kW transfer pumps with pipe manifolds & sight glasses (two manifolds with three sight glasses) Skid Mounted with integrated central drain (optional) All valves are Krones Evogaurd Mash tun with a 0.55kW bottom mounted x speed mixer @ ±69rpm Dematech (Pty) Ltd 13 Michigan Street, Airport Industria, Cape Town 7490, South Africa. T: +27 21 385 0483 | F: +27 86 719 2632 | E: info@dematechsa.com www.dematechsa.com Dematech is a turn-key solution provider to the craft beer industry offering everything from brewing equipment to bottling lines and procurement services. Favourable payment terms available. Contact us today for a meeting or quotation. A LOCALLY-DEVELOPED BREWING SOLUTION aimed at entry-level craft breweries and pub-breweries