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Ziemann Holvrieka
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Botanist-turned-brewer Stefan Wiswedel teamed up with Bruce Collins of Stellies for the second in Little Wolf’s Field Notes series – limited edition brews each featuring a different locally sourced botanical.

Nuts & Bolts
Batch size: 20 litres
Efficiency: 70%
Estimated OG: 1.034
Estimated FG: 1.006
Estimated ABV: 3.7%
Bitterness: 11 IBU
Estimated colour: 3 SRM

Mash ingredients 
Pale ale malt 2kg
Malted sorghum (King Korn) 650g
Wheat malt 325g
Munich light 200g
Oats (i.e. Jungle Oats) 150g

Boil ingredients

Saaz [3%] 26g @ 60min
Coriander seeds, toasted and crushed
roughly 20g @ 5min
Sea Salt 10g @ 5min (We used
renosterbos-infused salt from
CapeTownFynbosExperience, but any
sea salt would work)

Ferment ingredients
Fermentis US-05
Nutrilida LP299V (bacteria) – available
at most pharmacies including Dischem
and Clicks

Mash in at 65°C and hold for 60 minutes. Mash out at 78°C. Boil for 15 minutes with no additions. Cool to 35°C in the kettle or fermenter and pitch in two capsules of LP299V. Insulate the vessel as best you can and try to eliminate oxygen ingress. After 24 hours, boil the wort again for 60 minutes and do the hop, salt and coriander additions as per recipe. Cool to 20°C and pitch in the yeast and allow to ferment for two weeks. Bottle/keg as per usual.