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Latest Edition

As this year ends and the new one is upon us, it is tempting to try and come up with a list of predictions for 2022. But as I write this, the latest Covid variant has been discovered and South Africa finds itself on the global travel red list. So I really, truly have no idea what 2022 might bring. Instead I will leave it to our regular contributor Rob Cass to share his hopes for the new year with us – check them out on page 42. I on the other hand will turn my focus to the year gone by.

It obviously hasn’t been the best year any of us has ever had, but here at On Tap we did find a few things to celebrate. Following 12 months of online-only publishing, we happily went back to print in June. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of BASA, who have been working hard this year to further beer culture in South Africa and have been supporting all sorts of initiatives across the industry.

Our biggest milestone was of course our fifth anniversary, which we celebrated in our last issue. And in this issue we unveil another mini milestone – our first On Tap beer. You can read more about our limited edition collaboration brew with Folk & Goode on page 20 and check out where to get hold of a few cans. Please let us know what you think through our social media channels or if you’re more old-school, by dropping us an email.

The beer was inspired by 90s brewing fashion and named for a 90s tune. Our ever talented designer, Rachel, came up with a label that hopefully evokes the innocent optimism of the 1990s, and the deep sense of fun we had when brewing the beer.

I guess that’s what I’d like to see in 2022 – just more people having more fun, whether it’s a craft beer drinker hosting a beer and karaoke pairing in their back garden, a brewer experimenting with some crazy ingredient or technique, or the team from your favourite South African beer magazine dancing in boy band formation as they throw pellets of that most classic of 90s hops into the boil.


Lucy Corne