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Joya Taft-Dick

Fun & Games



The shared joy as a tower of giant Jenga bricks tumbles to the fl oor. The deep concentration as two pub-goers focus on their chess game, their pints relegated to the side lines, there only for absent-minded sipping between turns. The friendly rivalry that goes on between tables of strangers at the weekly pub quiz.

I’ve always loved bar games, whether I’m partaking myself or just enjoying the sight of others pairing their beers with a bit of light competition. But I’ve never taken quite so much delight in watching someone play a pub game as I did on a recent visit to Plettenberg Bay. In fact, it wasn’t Plett central where the games took place, but in Kwanokuthula, 6km to the west. I had joined the inaugural iKasi Beer Hop, a half-day excursion to check out the beer scene in Kwano. The tour was part of the weeklong Plett Oktoberfest, the fi rst in what will hopefully become an annual event.