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Vusi Radebe

A Folk & Goode Time



Have you ever thought about doing a collab brew and releasing it with the magazine? It was a fine question and one to which the answer was, rather embarrassingly, “no”.

I’m not sure why we’ve never brought out an On Tap beer before, other than the rather crucial fact that no-one ever thought of it. But when Fraser Crighton of Folk & Goode brewery suggested a collab, we leapt on board. A couple of weeks of recipe planning later the On Tap team – minus our Jo’burg dwelling designer Rachel – joined Fraser at the Overbergbased brewery for On Tap Magazine’s fi rst ever brew day.

It is an exceptionally pretty spot. The brewery is based at Black Oystercatcher Wines, deep in the southern Overberg, not far from Bredasdorp. The brewery itself sits in what was once a sheep shearing shed until Fraser moved his brewhouse here back in 2016.